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1<2>1 PS PAKs

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Private Training Series

The Starter:
One 2 hour session, designed to review trainee’s previous work level skill, optional review of optimum camera settings, assess goals, calibrate laptop, draw up a custom syllabus, basic set up of a starting workspace, Preferences, Color Settings, Using Adobe Camera Raw interface, Batch processing and renaming, Opening/Saving/naming files, The Digital Darkroom - tones, adjustments, white balance,histograms, finish with homework topic. $150.

The Follow Up:
Single one hour sessions covering review of previous session, new image edited using previous session lesson, critique homework topic photo assignment, new skill demo, introduction to using layers, editing session using previous skill study with new added skill, assign homework topic. $75.

The Real Deal:
1<2>1 6PAK PS Block
This PAK includes 6 hours reserved time within 30 days in any combination of one hour or two hours max sessions, allows for a more concise teaching plan, including previous skill sets, Color management, Automation, Composition, Mask work, exporting files formats, saving for web panels, includes a 6% discount on printing during the 30 days of the course. $410.
Savings of $140 over single session at a time.

The VIP:
1<2>1 12PAK Flight of sessions
Improve your image editing choices with the optional VIP Critique Session that is included. Sessions will take place within no less than 30 days max 45 days. 12% VIP discount on print price. Includes at least 2 video tutorials tailored by the topics covered, including retouching, profiling, intro to stitching panoramas, etc. $720.
Savings of $300 over single session at a time.